Children Make Terrible Pets / You Will Be My Friend Lucille Beatrice Bear Doll

In Children Make Terrible Pets, a bear named Lucy finds an adorable boy in the forest. She names him Squeaker and brings him home to be her pet. Her mother warns her that children make terrible pets, but Lucy is determined that he will be the best pet ever.

In You Will Be My Friend!, Peter Brown's second book featuring Lucille Beatrice Bear, Lucy wakes up one day determined to find a friend. She searches the forest, going from animal to animal, looking for the perfect friend. After several disappointments she finally sits down exhausted. Then suddenly the perfect friend arrives.

Peter Brown's books are beautifully illustrated and hilariously funny. Children Make Terrible Pets was the winner of the 2011 E.B. White Read-Aloud Award.

Our Lucille Beatrice Bear Doll is soft and dressed in her pink tutu. Unlike a child, she makes a fantastic pet!

Now also available as a 5.5" backpack pull.

safe for all ages, perfect for ages 2-8

9" Children Make Terrible Pets Lucille Beatrice Bear Doll, $16.00
#1658 ISBN: 978-1-57982-280-4

This item is no longer available - maybe another doll would work.

5.5" Children Make Terrible Pets Backpack Pull, $8.00
#1675R ISBN: 1-57982-295
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Children Make Terrible Pets Lucille Beatrice Bear doll and book from MerryMakers