Froggy Doll

"Frrrooggyy!"   "Wha-a-a-a-a-t?"   "Rise and shine, it's the first day of school!"

Maybe he's a little nervous, and maybe it's a little hard to sit still when he gets to his classroom, but soon he's jumping and singing and everyone is joining in, even the principal!

Our colorful and charming Froggy Doll is ready to hop and skip along on any adventure. He's also soft, cuddly, and ready for a snuggle when quiet time is what you need.

Based on the read-aloud favorites by Jonathan London, published by Penguin.

Now also available as a 5.5" backpack pull.

safe for all ages, perfect for ages 3 to 6

11" Froggy Doll, $15.00
#1652, ISBN: 978-1-57982-278-1
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5.5" Froggy Backpack Pull, $8.00
#1676R, ISBN: 1-57982-298-9
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11" Froggy Doll with 32-page hardcover book, Froggy Goes to School, $31.99
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Froggy doll and book from MerryMakers, from the book by Jonathan London