Olivia in Classic Red Dress Doll

Now in 3 sizes!

Whether at home getting ready for the day, enjoying the beach, or at bedtime, Olivia is a feisty pig who has too much energy for her own good. Olivia loves fashion, ballet, opera, and getting her own way. She is based on author Ian Falconer's real-life niece.

Our original doll, dressed in her classic red dress, is full of charm and wit. She will delight Olivia lovers of all ages. Available in an 11" tall version and also as a 20" tall giant doll.

New! Everyone's favorite pig is dressed up for a party! With her brand-new red and white party dress and a bright pink crown, Party Dress Olivia is ready for fun. A polka-dot pink bow adds the perfect touch to the outfit, making Olivia ready to take on the day, whatever celebration comes her way!

Also available as a 7" backpack pull.

surface wash only, clothing removable
safe for all ages, perfect for ages 3 to 6

11" Olivia in Classic Red Dress Doll, $20.00
#1584, ISBN: 978-1-57982-242-2
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11" Olivia in Classic Red Dress Doll with 34-page board book, $27.99
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20" Olivia in Classic Red Dress Doll, $50.00
#1636, ISBN: 978-1-57982-274-3
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11" Olivia Party Dress Doll, $20.00
#1775 ISBN: 978-1-57982-378-8
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7" Olivia Backpack Pull, $8.00
#1677R, ISBN: 1-57982-299-6
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Olivia the Pig doll in classic red dress from MerryMakers, from the books by Ian Falconer