Penny and Her Song Doll

Penny loves to sing. When she comes home from school with her very own song, Penny wants to sing it to Mama and Papa. But the babies are sleeping, and Mama and Papa are worried that Penny's song will wake them up. But it is a good song, a really wonderful song, and Penny wants more than anything to sing it.

Find out what happens next in the book by best-selling author Kevin Henkes. Penny also stars in Penny and Her Doll and Penny and Her Marble, all published by HarperCollins.

Our beautiful Penny makes an excellent companion, and she'll always be eager to listen to your song!

surface wash only, clothing removable
safe for all ages, perfect for ages 3-8

12" Penny and Her Song Doll, $20.00
#1660 ISBN: 978-1-57982-283-5
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12" Penny and Her Song Doll with 32-page hardcover book, $32.99
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Penny and Her Song Doll from MerryMakers, from the book by Kevin Henkes