You Are (Not) Small Doll Pair

Two cute-as-can-be, vibrantly colored friends have a bit of a disagreement. Is one big, or is the other one small? What's for certain is that these two sweet and soft, fuzzy creatures are a perfect pair of companions to have around.

Anna Kang's and Christopher Weyant's amusing book about perspective settles the question of who is big and who is little -- with surprising results!

surface wash only
safe for all ages, perfect for ages 2-6

2 plush dolls, 9" and 6", $20.00
#1802 ISBN: 978-1-57982-395-5
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2 plush dolls, 9" and 6", and 32-page hardcover book, $36.99
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You Are (Not) Small Doll Pair by MerryMakers, from the book by Anna Kang