Z is for Moose Doll

An impatient Moose takes center stage in this hilarious version of the ABC's.

Moose has trouble waiting his turn. D is definitely not for Moose! When the letter M rolls around and Moose is ready for his big moment, Mouse takes the stage! Poor Moose then causes quite a ruckus as he tries to get into the book.

This beautifully illustrated story gets funnier each time through, as more details are discovered about the rabble-rousing Moose. Written by Kelly Bingham and illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. Our plush doll brings Moose's tale to life. With his trademark yellow and red t-shirt and big antlers he is a silly and fun companion to the book.

For more Moose, check out the hilarious sequel Circle, Square, Moose, where Moose attempts to help teach readers about shapes...and ends up in a black hole! Published by Greenwillow Books.

surface wash only
safe for all ages, perfect for ages 2-8

11.5" Z is for Moose Doll, $16.00
#1682 ISBN: 1-57982-304-7

11.5" Z is for Moose Doll with 32-page hardcover book, Z is for Moose, $32.99

This item is no longer available - maybe another doll would work.

Z is for Moose doll and book from MerryMakers