Really Bird

$ 16.00

Really Bird really wants to be first. But does being first make a good leader? Learn along with Really Bird in the new book series by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Travis Foster. Really Bird Doll is made with soft brightly-colored plush, has bold embroidered details, and is perfectly designed for small hands or perched on display with the book.   

Meet Really Bird, a small bird who lives in a large city park with his friends Cat, Pup, Mouse, and Rabbit. In each story, Really Bird finds himself really wanting something – to be bigger, to have his fair share, or to be the leader – to be really silly, funny, strong, cool, happy, or brave. And when he feels something, he really feels it. Each story is an entertaining, character-driven caper based on relatable social/emotional themes, delivered with surprise twists, high drama, and expert comic timing. 


Surface wash only
Safe for all ages

10" Really Bird Doll $16.00 #1921 ISBN: 978-1-57982-497-6
10" Really Bird Doll with hardcover book $28.99 #1921GS