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Henry & Leo the Lion

$ 25.00

Leo the Lion is a regal companion to Pamela Zagarenski's beautiful book Henry & Leo.  His plush body is soft and cuddly, and his mane is topped off with a shiny crown. Leo the Lion’s classically articulated arms and legs increase his play value, and his sweet expression makes him easy to love.

From the moment Leo was given to Henry on his second birthday, he and the toy lion were inseparable.  But when Leo is accidentally left behind after a walk in the woods, no one in Henry's family believes Leo could possibly find his own way home.  With beautiful paintings and a spare text, Pamela Zagarenski has created a world where a boy’s stuffed toy is as real and true as anything else in his life.  

Surface wash only
Safe for all ages

15” Henry & Leo the Lion Doll $25.00 #1821 ISBN: 978-1-57982-410-5
15” Henry & Leo the Lion Doll with 40-page hardcover book $42.99 #1821GS