Uni the Unicorn

$ 18.00

Uni the Unicorn is a perfect combination of fun and fantasy.  With shiny hooves, a rainbow-colored mane and a blue horn, Uni sets the imagination loose. The soft, huggable body adds an endearing sweetness to this unicorn, making it impossible to resist!

In Uni the Unicorn, Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager have created a story where a unicorn is told there is no such thing as little girls! This refreshing and sweet story of friendship reminds believers and non-believers alike that sometimes wishes really can come true.

Surface wash only
Safe for all ages

13" Uni the Unicorn Doll $18.00 #1780 ISBN: 978-1-57982-375-7
13" Uni the Unicorn Doll with 48-page hardcover book $35.99 #1780GS