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Say ‘bonjour’ to the French snail, Escargot, your charming guide through the enchanting stories by Dashka Slater and Sydney Hanson. This friendly snail with big eyes and a warm smile is picture-perfect. Topped with a black beret, red scarf, and soft corduroy shell, Escargot is ready to join your next storytime. Could he be your new favorite friend?
Bonjour! Escargot is a beautiful French snail who wants only two things:
  1. To be your favorite animal.
  2. To get to the delicious salad at the end of the book.
But when he gets to the salad, he discovers that there's a carrot in it. And Escargot hates carrots. But when he finally tries one—with a little help from you!—he discovers that it's not so bad after all! A charming and interactive picture book ideal for picky eaters and animal lovers alike.
Surface wash only
Safe for all ages

11" Escargot Doll $20.00 #1881 ISBN: 978-157982-462-4
11" Escargot Doll with 40-page hardcover book $37.99 #1881GS


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Charming Escargot!

I came across Escargot’s second book (A Book for Escargot) and fell in love with this charming, funny snail. I immediately searched for a plush version and was happily surprised to find one here! In these lonely pandemic days, I needed this bit of joy in my life. I refer to Escargot as my emotional support snail. LOL. He is adorable and very well made. I may eventually gift him to a niece or nephew (or maybe not). I will probably give the book to a friend with kids (I prefer the second book anyway). I also like that snails symbolize the importance of slowing down, which I fully believe in! I also fully believe in adults enjoying children’s books—we need the simple, important messages in picture books just as much as kids do!