Meet the Team!


Clair’s best quality is recognizing a great idea, an interesting character or fun and creative plan.  She likes to work with the best and let them run, and the best include the brightest stars in children’s literature, the most creative designers, and the smartest team of MerryMakers one can imagine.

Dayna enjoys working with children and is happy to be part of a company that encourages fun with literacy.  She is a jack-of-all-trades at MerryMakers, though her primary focus is on production and product safety.  “Seeing the characters come to life is the best part of my job!” (Update from coworkers: Dayna does everything. We would not exist without her. She is basically omniscient.)

Amanda has day-to-day experience with our target group as her ten-year-old son provides us with instant product feedback. She juggles sales, marketing, and the occasionally funny social media post. Amanda enjoys bottomless cups of coffee, talking to customers on the phone, cracking down on international counterfeits, and serial commas.

Jennifer has a keen eye and a great sense of humor.  She’s loved by dogs and humans alike.  She’s able to decipher the most illegible handwriting and talk to the quietest voices on the phone.  She catches our mistakes and as many Oakland A’s baseball games as she can. 

Marcela has been part of the extended MerryMakers family for over 20 years.  Finally an official member of the team, she brings her can-do attitude every day. She rolls up her sleeves and jumps right in, taking care of whatever task needs to be accomplished.

Rosie is the most recent addition to the MerryMakers team. With her designer eye and keen artistic sense, she creates spot-on graphics to accompany each MerryMakers plush. She is also a key component of our growing licensing division.  In her spare time, she likes to explore beaches and trails with her fiance and two pups.