Canada Shipping Terms

Shipping Terms for Canadian Brick & Mortar Accounts

Discount: 50% off MSRP
Minimum order: US$150
Payment terms: Credit card or net 30 (upon review)
Backorders: No backorders accepted


• All orders ship via UPS Standard from Oakland or San Leandro, CA
• Orders up to US$750 net: US$20 flat rate shipping fee
• Free Freight on orders above US$750
• Expedited shipping is charged full freight


All MerryMakers items use Commodity Code 9503009051 and ship Duty Free (except tote bags and pencil cases which incur duty)


Customers are responsible for brokerage fees (entry prep and bond) which will be charged at the MerryMakers negotiated rate. The following is the UPS negotiated fee schedule based on invoice value (COD charges waived):
• US$150 to US$750: US$21.00
• US$750.01 to US$2500: US$51.00
• US$2500.01 and up: US$57.50
Other Fees: Customer is responsible for the tax on the brokerage fee and GST or other applicable Canadian taxes

Orders shipping to US addresses ship under the current MerryMakers Continental US shipping terms:

• $10 flat rate for shipments up to $500
• Free freight for shipments $500 and above
** Freight terms do not combine with any other discount or special offer and are subject to change.